Changing the way we travel – Case Study

Transforming hotel lobbies with new media art


Aloft Marriott hotels break the mould. A sub-brand of the iconic hotel chain, this fresh and pioneering concept is designed for the tech-savvy, curious, creative and ambitious traveler.

Offering inspiring environments and dynamic spaces, each hotel strives to bring people together through immersive design and technology. Pioneering features include Botlr – the butler of the future – who responds to texts to deliver towels and toiletries, voice-activated rooms boasting edgy technology including emoji room service and VIP acoustic gig experiences. When Aloft’s architect suggested installing new media art in lobbies to enhance this unique experience for guests, the team turned to Niio to help turn an exciting vision into a reality.


A vanguard of technology and innovation, Aloft’s vision is sharply in line with changing trends in travel. Catering to a new kind of  traveler, in particular, Millennials, perennially on the hunt for Instagrammable moments, Aloft caters to collectors of experiences who prize events and adventures over material goods. Aligned with Niio’s vision of inspiring people everywhere by providing seamless access to curated digital art in public spaces and fulfilling this new desire for experience travel, Aloft offers a unique opportunity for guests. With new media art, spaces can be transformed to attract 21st-century travelers. Standing head and shoulders apart, this pioneering concept in travel creates engaging and unique experiences.


When Team Aloft was approached by their architect about installing new media art into lobbies to create unique experiences for guests, they leaped on board without hesitation. This was a concept that sat beautifully within their vision of a revolutionary approach to tourism. The concept was a winner, but turning the vision into reality brought a number of challenges. With no art advisor to turn to, no tools or technology to achieve their objectives and no knowledge of digital art installation, they set about searching for solutions.

Solution and benefits

Artwork: Alex McLeod, Walking Seasons

The vision was clear, the challenge was ambitious and the solution was Niio. Offering a bespoke curated art program and all the necessary tools for displaying and managing their carefully selected artworks, Niio held the key to Aloft’s aspirations. As well as access to some of the world’s most desirable digital art, Niio offered a central management tool allowing them full control over rotating artworks at Aloft hotels anywhere in the world at any time. Creating a strong brand and continuity between hotels, the benefits for Aloft are game-changing. Enhanced by digital art, every Aloft lobby worldwide can be reimagined at the touch of a button through Niio’s changeable new media art platform.

“Niio creates a different experience for our guests since it is a piece of art that they are not normally accustomed to at hotels.  It fits our location, being near Silicon Valley and all of the technology. It is fairly easy to install Niio, we installed it ourselves. ” Rupesh Patel, President & COO Zenique Hotels, Aloft Marriott Dublin, California